We appreciate that “self-disconnection” is an industry term and understand that this does not necessarily reflect a choice or decision that you have made.


‘Self-disconnection’ refers to the loss of your energy supply while on a prepayment meter because the meter has run out of credit, and you are unable to top up due to a lack of funds.

If credit runs out during the night or on a weekend or public holiday, your supplier may automatically keep your meter on, this is referred to as ‘friendly credit’.

Friendly credit times vary between fuel type (electric and gas) and supplier, but are generally 6pm to 10am on weekdays, and over the weekend. Any credit used during this time will be charged the next time you top up your meter.

If you are off supply and have no emergency or friendly credit you can request additional support credit from your supplier. Again, this credit will need to be paid back, either the next time you top up or through debt collection on your meter. You can also contact the team at via live chat or by calling 0808 196 8660. The team will put you in touch with the Extra Help Unit for assistance.